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How to install signed build 23 of release 13.2.11 on XO-1, to an SD card in the external slot.



You will need an SD card of at least 4GB capacity; it will be erased by installing, and should remain in the laptop.

You will need a USB drive of at least 1GB capacity, but only for the duration of the installation. We recommend the drive be FAT formatted, but other formats are supported, see how to prepare a drive for use by the firmware for more details.

You will need an XO-1 laptop. It may be either locked or unlocked.


Preparing the USB drive

  • download 32023o0.zd (607 MB) and save to the USB drive,
  • download (1.2 MB) and save to the USB drive with file name,
  • check the USB drive has two files; 32023o0.zd and,

Preparing the XO-1


  • insert the USB drive and the SD card into the XO-1,
  • hold down all four game keys above the power button, turn on the XO-1, and wait for the message Release the game keys to continue,
  • release the game keys, progress will be displayed, some grey blocks will turn green, and the screen will show:
 Blocks/square: 2        Total blocks: 15427     Now writing: 70  0 %
 Installing to SD card ..... please wait.
  • after a few minutes it will show:
 Blocks/square: 2        Total blocks: 15427     Now writing: 0  0 %
 Rebooting in 10 seconds ... please wait.

At this point it is finished. You may remove the USB drive then, during the reboot, or after the reboot.


Do not remove the SD card.

It is best to leave the SD card in the same XO-1, because;

  • the install is a good test of the XO-1, SD card slot, SD card, and compatibility,
  • unnecessarily exercising the card slot contacts of very old hardware is likely to cause reliability problems,
  • booting from the card and then moving the card to another XO-1 will cause software problems. You may need to Discard wireless connections in the Network panel of My Settings. See also imaging side effects, in particular the sections regarding .olpc-configured, and network.


Verify the XO-1 has booted from SD card: in the Sugar home view, press alt+shift+m to open My Settings, click on About my Computer, and look at the Model. For an 8 GB SD card, the model will be "XO-1, 256 MB RAM, 8 GB disk".

Try rebooting several times to make sure the SD card is used each time. Unreliable combinations may cause the laptop to boot from internal storage instead.