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This page is a list of community groups and grassroots businesses who have started (or are in the process of starting) repair centers. The groups listed are separate from OLPC and are run by volunteers, but generally have great technical knowledge and experience to repair broken computers, including XO laptops.

NOTE: These volunteer-run repair centers DO NOT fix XO Tablets. For XO Tablet support please visit

The centers listed below are run by volunteers that are independent and not affiliated or otherwise related to OLPC. OLPC CANNOT endorse their quality of work, and WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE if anything is lost or damaged.

Repair centers may cease operation at any time without notice, so you MUST directly contact the repair center you want to work on your XO Laptop to make sure:

  • They still exist
  • That they are willing to work on your problem
  • To determine their current shipping/payment terms
  • And to verify that you have their current correct address

For common problems, read our XO Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Please read Repair and Repair centers to understand how volunteers are making this happen, and feel free to list your own group in the appropriate section below.

Spare Parts

Main article Spare parts

Outside of repair centers, many spare parts are also for sale separately at If you're the kind of person that prefers to to fix your own XO Laptop you may want to put together your own Repair Center Kit!

Map of repair centers

See Map of repair centers - please add your location to the map if you have a repair center!

Current repair centers

Most repair centers operate via mail order (low-cost shipping) so even if there isn't one close by you can usually still get yours fixed.

Interested in helping out? Add a single link below to your repair center's main page!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are NOT repair centers for XO Tablets. For XO Tablet support please visit Do NOT mail your XO Tablet to any of the addresses below as they will be unable to help you.




All the repair works are currently being carried out from OLE Nepal office managed by Aman Maharjan & Subir Pradhanang

The Netherlands

  • Leiden - Spare parts repair via Marten Vijn Closed per 1 April 2011
  • Maastricht, foundation, Hoenderstraat 3, 6211EL - [1] Since 1 April 2011 -> likely outdated as stopped its olpc activities ChristophD 15:07, 17 January 2012 (UTC)



Potential repair centers

Please put a single link to your repair center's page, along with a link and contact info!



United Kingdom

  • London and Southern England - OLPC UK/Lending Library and Repair Centre Gold star small.jpg

  • Northern England and Wales
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • South West England



Get Involved! Meet Others who will Support You!

1. Please email < holt AT laptop DOT org > your phone number, to discuss your plans! Include a basic outline of your repair center proposal, and which business model(s) and/or volunteering model(s) you are considering towards sustainability. Be sure to include all the best times of the week when you want OLPC to call you back.

2. Grassroots organizers of Community Repair Centers are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans and share their successes on the repairs mailing list and grassroots mailing list.

3. Finally, consider joining OLPC's 100+ Community Support Volunteers who are driving many of these plans forward.