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Here is a (growing) list of requests related to other work described on this wiki.

Help wanted

Help offered

  • Translation/localization into En, from Es/De/Fr Sj talk
  • Some online design/interface design help : (contact User:Ianb for more)
  • Mentoring or hosting or site design : from

Contractors wanted

now & urgent

Conall Ryan - looking for one contractor to work on reading apps and early-childhood game porting to sugar - looking for someone to help them make their efforts more useful to OLPC; incl. at least one programmer

now & ongoing

UNICEF - constantly looking for python programmers; could use another 1-2 contractors to work on

Ben Nardone - looking for one volunteer to work on health-related work

in the future

World Food Program - theoretically looking for a programmer once they find support for a next-generation food-force game, perhaps in a few months.

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