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Active Contributors

Michael Stone
Projects: Rainbow, Build system, Fedora/Debian compromises, Internships

Michael was recruited in the summer of '07 to realize parts of Bitfrost. He is presently occupied with the task of driving OLPC releases.

(Minor interests: error handling, communications security, and development tools.)

C. Scott Ananian
C. Scott Ananian

I pick up stuff I find on the ground and make it work.

Mitch Bradley
Projects: Open Firmware,

Mitch joined OLPC in 2006. He is responsible for the boot firmware and also helps out with various aspects of hardware design and debugging. His hobbies include golfing, building golf clubs, building surfboards, and herding goats. herd


Contributors by Topic

Threat Model

  • Ivan Krstic [ex.OLPC] (organization, design, writing)
  • Simson Garfinkel [] (analysis)
  • anonymous working group []
  • Michael Stone [OLPC] (interpretation)
  • Noah Kantrowitz [ex.OLPC] (interpretation)

Firmware Security

  • Ivan Krstic [ex.OLPC] (design)
  • Mitch Bradley [Firmworks] (design, implementation)
  • C. Scott Ananian [OLPC] (design, implementation)
  • Michael Stone [OLPC] (design)
  • Tom St Denis [] (implementation)
  • Jonathan Herzog [] (auditing)
  • Cortland Setlow [Tower Research Capital] (testing)

Activity Isolation

  • Ivan Krstić [ex.OLPC] (design)
  • Michael Stone [ex. OLPC] (design, implementation, organization)
  • Noah Kantrowitz [ex.OLPC] (design, impl)
  • Michael Burns [ex.OLPC] (design, impl)
  • Bernardo Innocenti [ex.OLPC] (impl)
  • Reynaldo Verdejo [] (testing)
  • Mitch Bradley [Firmworks] (design)
  • James Cameron [Hewlett-Packard] (testing)
  • Dave Woodhouse [Red Hat] (design)
  • Herbert Pötzl [Linux-VServer] (design, testing)
  • Harry George [Boeing] (design, organization)
  • Steve Bellovin [Columbia] (inspiration)
  • Daniel J. Bernstein [UIC] (inspiration)
  • Eric S. Raymond [] (inspiration)
  • the Plan 9 security team (Russ Cox, Eric Grosse, Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, and Sean Quinlan [] (inspiration)


  • Steven Murdoch [U. Cambridge] (organization)