Shared Activity Protocol 1.0

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  This page is monitored by the OLPC team.

This page aims to describe the shared activity wire protocol used in "Update.1" (the -olpc1.0 branches of telepathy-gabble and telepathy-salut). Please do not edit it to describe a past or future protocol version - copy it and edit the copy instead.

telepathy-gabble represents activities as an XMPP multi-user chat room.

telepathy-salut represents activities as a Clique chatroom.

Tubes are used for activity communications, according to the tubes-over-XMPP specification.

For the moment, the OLPC extensions to the XMPP, link-local-XMPP and Clique protocols, used to represent the Activity and Buddy abstractions, are documented here: XEP-proto-olpc

For the purposes of the service type registration for _olpc-activity1._udp, the defined TXT keys are:

txtvers - always "0" in this version of the protocol
room - the name of the Clique room, in UTF-8
activity-id - the OLPC activity ID, currently 40 ASCII hex digits
name - the human-readable title of the activity, in UTF-8
color - the colour of the activity in the usual OLPC format (e.g. "#005FE4,#00A0FF")
type - the D-Bus service name of the activity, in ASCII
tags - human-readable string of tags, allowed but unused as of Update.1, in UTF-8