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The Shtooka Project is a cooperative project with the goal of creating audio material and software tools needed to learn foreign languages. The first and most important step is to put in place a set of audio collections with correponding linguistic data and the necessary tools to make the most of them.

Creating new audio collections

Objective/vision: For any local language, it should be easy to create a word/phrase list, and record them spoken. And easy to record local dialects of existing word/phrase lists. This would help local languages, dialects, and cultures survive.

There is an existing Shtooka Recorder (Windows only) program which given a word list, enables a speaker to quickly (~1 hour) record 1k words/phrases.

"Someone worked on a Python version of the shtooka recorder"(IRC), which works with GStreamer.

Maybe this?
This program for linux called "Yazik Recorder" is now available in our website at:

We also need a way for people to create the word/phrase lists.

It looks like a Shtooka Recorder activity might be the way to go.

Are there any other related resources out on the web?

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