Simple HTML Style Guide

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A Style Guide focused on relatively simple HTML usage will be very valuable in empowering local modification and creation of content. There is no need to write this from scratch, the purpose of this page (in is current stub form) is to solicit suggestions of useful examples that exist out there.

i18n/l10n aware

Ideally, the Guide should be sensitive to i18n and l10n issues, and itself readily processed for i18n/l10n. As an example of i18n/l10n issues, different languages express emphasis in different ways (or even by entirely changing words). If you are HTML-ifying content with the goal of having it go through i18n/l10n in something like Pootle, is it better to use <italics> tags or <em> tags? Is <strong> to be preferred over <bold>?

Open Examples

Examples I like that have explicit and suitable licensing terms

  • ...

Closed Examples

Examples I like that are posted with copyright notices or no terms apparent. Cannot be used whole, but some elements of these may still be useful (e.g. text may be under copyright, but organizational structure can be emulated, etc.)

This article is a documentation stub, an outline for a real manual. Maybe it should be expanded, maybe it should be killed — discuss..