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Full-build smoke test

This set of test cases represents a quick smoke test that the build should pass. See the smoke tests for a particular release for more details.

  1. Boot into sugar
  2. Check the OS, OFW, kernel from developer's console
  3. Check wireless firmware version: from virtual terminal type ethtool -i eth0.
  4. Connect to a local mesh and see other XOs (this needs to be in a location with no school server or infrastructure AP)
  5. Run 3 collaborative activities concurrently (AbiWord, Connect4, or Chat) with 2 other XOs
  6. Run Browse and ensure that library navigation sidebar and index page loads; successfully browse the internet.
  7. Ensure that the journal loads properly at start and is able to resume an activity.
  8. Connect to an AP (and/or school mesh) and browse the web

Smoke tests for particular releases

List of SmokeTest test cases

The following queries for smoke tests in the wiki. Some tests are out-of-date, despite claiming "Any" {{#ask: Test category::SmokeTest

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 | ?Test objective
 | ?Build stream=For builds
 | default=No articles found in Category:Test cases with Property:Test category of SmokeTest?!