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This page includes links to the source code for the OLPC XO-1, along with instructions on how to download it from this page in the wiki.

Full source code for releases

The source for OLPC system software is stored in Source RPMs stored at the following locations.


Released 12/4


In development

Linux OS and OLPC software

Much of the source code for the OLPC is stored in a "git" repository at . You can check out a particular program, e.g. the kernel, with a command like:

 git-clone git://

For more details, please see the git page in the wiki.

Other parts of the system are pulled directly from the Fedora 7 source and binary RPMs.

The script used to build the shipping image of the OLPC operating system is called "pilgrim", and it is maintained here:;a=summary

Open Firmware (bootstrap ROM)

The source code for Open Firmware can be checked out of its Subversion repository by the command

 svn co svn://

More details are at . Documentation is available at