Southern California OLPC Projects

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Please consider SweetXOGrannie's great mailing list of local and global community happenings, that you're welcome to get involved with!

Southern California OLPC Projects

(Please provide Public links below to explain each project wherever possible!)

Roadshow In a Box

3 Contributors Machines, 1 personal G1G1 Machine, 7 repaired machines Used for presentations, hands on demonstrations, and short term loans. Caryl Bigenho

Expanded Roadshow In a Box

One XO-1.5 has been added to the Roadshow In a Box project listed above. It will be used both for testing the new software prior to release, and for presentations and hands on demonstrations when the final stable release build is available. Caryl Bigenho

CUELA Teacher's Lending Library

12 Machines donated by a private donor (purchased through G1G1) Machines are available for check-out by members of CUELA (Computer Using Educators of Los Angeles) John Rivera

FAMLI/Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center

10 Contributors machines for a library for 50 MS students in after school enrichment program. Lending library and repairs maintained by students. Jamaal As-Salaam

Recruitment Revolution: Success Links

2 Contributors Machines for planning with more to follow Project will coordinate existing Sugar software to help students do projects that will help them gain a better understanding of how educational excellence is tied to ultimate career success. Children will engage, learn from and partner with others in their local community while enhancing their critical thinking skills and overall confidence. Brian Wright

Wind Shear Detection for Small Airports

4 Contributors Machines Used for research at CSUN for developing sensors for wind-shear detection. Local middle school students will assist in research Ronald Mehler

Educate Project

Early planning stages Plans to bring laptops to children as a part of a project based learning program James Jordan II

UCSB's Cross-cultural learning activities

2 Contributors Machines, 10+ additional from private donations Team from UCSB and elementary school in Goleta will establish correspondence with a school in Africa. Team will also work on curriculum related Sugar software. Susannah Scott

LATTC/LULAC Computer Club

This new club at Los Angeles Trade Technical College will be applying for 10 Contributors Machines to start an XO lending library for students and their families. They are also investigating the possibility of using XOs in their beginning computer programming classes. The LATTC/LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) website is under construction at: [1].Victor Orellano,

Etoys developers

Some of the Etoys developers live or work in L.A. They have a couple of XOs and can be contacted best on Squeakland's etoys-dev mailing list or forum.

Google Map [2] Showing Project Locations