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If you have a XO with keys that are sticking please add your serial number here: Please don't delete the pre statements so the wiki keeps the per line formatting. Thanks. --Richard

Serial Numbers

CSN74701957 Left CTRL, Left Shift, A, Left Alt, and Spacebar
CSN74701AD6 Left ALT and CTRL key
CSN74701D62 Left ALT and (less often but quite often) CTRL key (got worse in Jan/Feb 08 after receipt in Dec 07)
CSN74701F0D Right shift
CSN7470365F occasional CTRL key, only started Apr 27 (been using daily since Nov)
CSN748001EC Left CTRL, shift, and alt keys
CSN74800265 Down Arrow, Enter, A
CSN74800414 Left ALT, erase/backspace (not confirmed)
CSN74800723 Left CTRL
CSN74800E09 Left ALT and CTRL key
CSN7480115D Left ALT key
CSN74801395 CTRL, Left Alt
CSN74801683 Intermittent: Left CTRL, left Alt, sometimes most of left quarter of keyboard
CSN74801ADA Left CTRL, Right grab
CSN74801B4C Left ALT and CTRL key
CSN748028E0 CTRL, left HAND, ALT
CSN74802DDB Left Grab
CSN74803359 occasional CTRL and A - pulling the CTRL key helped, as did dis-/reassembly, but not permanently
CSN74803B7F Left ALT and CTRL key
CSN74803ED1 Left CTRL, fixed with disassembly and cleaning
CSN748057BF Left Alt, Left Fn, Space?, Alt Gr
CSN74900168 CTRL key
CSN74900A9F CTRL key, keyboard membrane torn
CSN74901F1B Left Alt key
CSN74902869 Left CTRL ALT and hand key.  not fixed by cleaning.  most keys in center don't work now.
CSN74902E1A Left CRTL sticking . Seems to be triggered by pressing A; can sometimes unstick by pressing A. Fixed on reboot, but re-occurs.
CSN74902FB2 Left ALT key, key
CSN74903405 CTRL key
CSN749036F0 Left Alt,  key
CSN7490393E Left CTRL and shift
CSN74903A7F Left ALT and Left shift keys
CSN75000128 CTRL key
CSN7500023E c,s,d and shift+s,d,c gives special symbols like ß,Ð,Ç
CSN750004AF Left control and erase keys
CSN75000512  occasional CTRL key
CSN75000960 Ctrl key (after 100 hrs use), fixed (?) by disassembly/reassembly
CSN750010CA Left CTRL, left alt, down and right buttons
CSN75001276 Left CTRL
CSN75001C15 CTRL key
CSN75001D7D Left ALT, CTRL key

More Info:

Recently some posts of mine have been taken and twisted a bit in various blogs and slashdot in to indicate that the keyboard failures are "widespread".

I would like to clarify what I see as incorrect info about the failure rates of the OLPC keyboard. Please re-post this info however you think best.

OLPC does not have evidence that the keyboard failures are widespread like the blog posts I've seen indicate.

The overall RMA return rate of all XO problems is less than 1%. Verified keyboard problems are a small part of that.

Correlating the RMA data to the actual failure rate of the keyboard is a bit more difficult because many people with the problem have discovered it outside of the 30 day RMA window. Its also hard to get a good estimate of how many unique users there are in the forums that reported keyboard problems.

There has not been a rash of reports from our other deployments so we believe that the problem was primarily in the early production runs. The first shipment of G1G1 machines were part of the early manufacturing runs.

The manufacturers of the keyboard have worked with OLPC to make some changes to the internal construction of the keyboard. We think these changes will help with the sticky keys issue. These changes have been rolled into the current keyboard production.

If indeed the problem is much more widespread then OLPC needs more accurate data on the failure rate. OLPC invites the community to help.


If you currently have an XO with a sticky key then please add your serial number to this wiki page and what key(s) appear to be sticking.

Please don't add a lot of extra info. A simple one line post entry will be fine. I don't need e-mail addresses or long problem descriptions.

You can find your XO's serial number by hovering over your XO person in the center of the Home screen and clicking on "About this XO."