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Sugar is the core of the OLPC Human Interface. Its goal is to turn the Laptop into a fun, easy to use, social experience that promotes sharing and learning.

Sugar running on Fedora


Getting started

You can explore the Sugar interface in our Getting Started guide.

Note the "Frame key" Key frame.jpg at the top-right corner of your keyboard, which toggles the presence of the Frame on and off the screen. (The Frame is the black border around the screen that holds the activity taskbar, clipboard, buddy list, etc.)

You can restart Sugar by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Erase keys simultaneously.


Getting Started

Exploring Sugar

Learning More


  • Subscribe to the mailing list (here are its archives)
  • Join the irc channel
  • Give sugar some love! These are bugs in sugar which are already triaged, with good instructions on how to fix them in most cases, and can be fixed with the LiveCD.
  • Test and report issues

Get Sugar

Get Sugar~ try Sugar out, via emulator or Live CD, on your favorite machines. Take a picture of your desktop or laptop running sugar, and leave a thumbnail and note below about what build you used and how it worked. We have new LiveCD images coming out this week(?).