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Sugar-OpenMSX is just the sugarization of OpenMSX a GPL MSX emulator, which a lot of Arabic educational programs got developed in the early 90s. Which I have. It also the system where a lot of classic video games got developed, like the original metal gears.

openmsx is available through yum. Activity is available at the site.

work done:

   * An activity runs openmsx from the python script. 

to be done:

   * center the image, create a way to close the activity within the activity. 

Any ideas and code contribution would be appreciated

I created this "port" because I would like the Old MSX Arabic educational games to be used in Arabic speaking countries. I grew up learning from these games, and I think the kinds would really enjoy it. Also, I would like to see the smart kids hack it so that it would play some old games too.

Contact abdullah.f.hamed 'at' gmail 'dot' com for I will be more motivated to polish this port if I feel like people are interested.