Sugar demo 2

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Sugar running on Fedora Core
Chatting on a shared activity
Shared pages list and "who is around" window
A shared web activity

High level accomplishments


  • Chat toolbar layout
  • Problems with text views shadow
  • Cursors not fully working on the olpc -- Marco
  • Test slide in / window manager on the olpc


  • Text editing icons (text bigger, text smaller, bold, italic, underlined, smile)
  • Tab closing icon
  • Sharing icons (invite, invite everyone)
  • Olpc logo


  • Fix issues when trying to share an already shared page -- Dan
  • Make the share button insensitive if the activity is already shared -- Dan
  • Fix group chat -- Marco
  • Chat should not fail if there is no network -- Dan
  • Factor out the presence stuff to his own module -- Dan
  • Add support for multiple p2p groups (so that each activity can use his own group) -- Dan
  • Factor out the list of buddies from the chat and move it to the shell -- Marco
  • Make it contextual to the current activity/group
  • Reuse the chat code (not the service) in the shell to show contextual chat
  • Figure out how to slide in chat/presence windows -- Marco
  • Have a good look to diana mockups and to gtk theming stuff to figure out how to implement that
  • DBUS objects refactoring -- Dan
  • Separate chat from p2p by creating a presence service -- Dan
  • Modularize browser -- Marco
  • Modularize chat -- Marco
  • Cleanup activities interface (so we can write cool examples) -- Dan
  • Make it easier for an activity to send his output to the console, one call should be enough -- Marco
  • Only try to get Buddy Icons twice -- Dan
  • Make browser follow mode more solid -- Marco
  • Ensure pylint doesnt show errors -- Marco
  • Share button broken, probably by chat refactoring
  • Add drawing to one-to-one, probably same layout without the buddy list (what we can put in that area?)
  • UI love for the console -- Marco
  • Send button should also send text
  • Move to clearlooks on the olpc until we have our own theme -- Marco
  • Browser does not exit when closing the shell (rather than ctrl+c it)
  • Scrollbars theming
  • Add librsvg to the images -- Marco
  • Fix the gmail activity
  • Assertion when clicking send on a just opened sugar with no text
  • Bring back the 'local' chat. I think it should just be the slide in chat for the everyone tab. And for that tab the presence window "Who is here:" would also show local link people -- marco
  • Window gradients performance (very slow with sliding)
  • One to one chat (do we need this for the demo? Not sure how to integrate it well in the new UI framework)
  • Fix button !normal states
  • Some sort of feedback on the chat when it's not a shared activity -- Dan
  • Fix the races with tab focus (See the checks has_activity checks. These avoid lockups but still they make focus state inconsistent)
  • Make the console a slide in too, always enable it.