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Sugar is currently under heavy development, and is meant to be used by developers. There are no binary packages yet available.

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The easiest way to build Sugar from sources is to use sugar-jhbuild.

You may also want to see the specific instructions for several Linux distributions, for MS-Windows or MacOS X.

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Developer site Trac

Emulation and/or Testing

You don't need a real OLPC laptop in order to see what it's like, how it works and test activities—you can use an emulator. OLPC periodically updates the emulation images for the QEMU emulator that is available for *ix, MS-Windows and MacOS X.

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You can find the latest stable build here.

Note: There are ways to convert the QEMU images for use in other emulation software—ie: VMWare's Player—but OLPC image standard is for QEMU.

How to start hacking