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Developer's Setup
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Please contribute instructions for getting Sugar to work with Debian GNU/Linux.

Installing sugar on Debian Unstable

Simplest is to use officially packaged Sugar packages:

aptitude install sugar

The rest of this page is about ways to build Sugar software yourself on a Debian system...

Get sugar-jhbuild

aptitude install git-core

Get sugar-jhbuild through git as described in Sugar with sugar-jhbuild.

Run sugar-jhbuild

cd sugar-jhbuild
./sugar-jhbuild update
./sugar-jhbuild build

If update fails with:

ImportError: No Module name ctypes

Try running

aptitude install python-ctypes

Plenty of dependencies are likely to fail.

For build-base, you should need:

aptitude install libtool libsqlite3-dev libnspr4-dev docbook-xsl intltool

Now, this is ALL you need if you want to spend many hours compiling many packages:

The Dependencies

You have two ways to get the dependencies: Build-base and building/installing packages manually from sid archives.

Alternative 1: Build Base

This is easy, but it takes a long time and builds custom versions of all the dependencies (rather than getting them through apt).

./sugar-jhbuild build-base

This takes a long time, but will work. After that, do 'build' and 'run'.

Alternative 2: Install dependency libraries directly from Debian Sid

  • Debian Sugar (contains notes both on official packaging and on build-dependencies for manual builds)

Alternative 3: Installing from apt

  • Install main sugar package (pulls in all dependent and recommended packages)
apt-get install sugar

  • Optionally search for packages mentioning sugar in their package description
apt-cache search sugar
  • Optionally install and use a smarter search (includes packages fuzzily related to sugar too)
aptitude install ept-cache
ept-cache search sugar

Sugar packages officially in Debian

python-olpc-datastore - Sugar graphical shell - datastore
sugar-presence-service - Sugar graphical shell - presence service
sugar-sharedstate-classes - sharedstate classes for the Sugar graphical shell
sugar-sharingtest-activity - sharingtest activity for the Sugar graphical shell
python-sugar - Sugar graphical shell - core functionality
python-sugar-toolkit - Sugar graphical shell - core widgets
sugar - window manager from the OLPC project
sugar-artwork - Sugar graphical shell - artwork
sugar-calculate-activity - calculate activity for the Sugar graphical shell
sugar-journal-activity - journal activity for the Sugar graphical shell
sugar-pippy-activity - pippy activity for the Sugar graphical shell

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Problems and Solutions

  • It seems plausible that while run dependency check, python-cairo and gtk2.0 have problems while instaling dependencies, (dev libraries) try installing first the gtk2.0 libraries, that should erase the dependence on python-cairo.