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Getting Started, Troubleshooting Resources

  • If your laptop is damaged, please call 800-201-7144.
  • By December 26th, fee-based technical support will be available at 800-269-1347.
  • Email "help AT" if you are completely stuck, including all problem details.
    Join our community forums below for more direct participation & responses!

Community/Live Support

XO laptop owners are passionate about helping each other, in keeping with OLPC's constructionist learning mission within developing countries. You too can learn about the XO and its activities, collaborating on the issues that matter most to you, by exploring OLPC's many great community forums:

Further Documentation Forthcoming

  • A number of people are working on more formal manuals. Links will be posted here when these become mature.
  • Up-to-date Release Notes are forthcoming, as XO software upgrades are released going forward into 2008.

Support and Maintenance

Each location worldwide is encouraged to establish a tech support center for hardware repairs and replacement. We encourage the students to be involved in the repair as much as possible. Some ideas on this have been written up in the Laptop Service Program Ideas.

How do I report a bug?

We are very interested in bug reports. Please report bugs by sending email to "bugs at". Developers, please continue to file bugs in our tracking system.

We are also interested in your suggestions for enhancements to our system.

Community input and collaboration is vital to the success of OLPC. Thank you for your participation.

Older Support Page & Demo Notes

Our Older Tech-Oriented Support Page is increasingly outdated, but may offer archival context to the technically savvy.