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ATTENDEES: (plz add your name if I missed you!)

  • Aaron Konstam, San Antonio
  • Anil Daswani, Silicon Valley
  • Sandy Culver, North Boston
  • Sameer Verma, San Francisco
  • Adam Holt, Boston
  • Lisa Lewis (LCL), Seattle
  • Caryl Bigenho, Los Angeles
  • Jonathan Pfeiffer, Los Angeles
  • Austin Appel, Los Angeles
  • Joachim Pederson, San Francisco
  • Yama Ploskonka, Austin
  • Daniel Drake, Paraguay
  • Ian Daniher, Cincinnati
  • Rafael Ortiz, Colombia


  • Sameer's researching how we might start a VoIP-on-XO project--we have several connections within Asterisk/Digium and this need not be SIP--I strongly favor this prjct, keep recruiting!
  • Why killing old mailing lists is not always a good idea (regional/specialty long tails live?!) Merging similar lists can help :)
  • Anil & others agreeing to Mentor Projects -- this is becoming /MUCH/ more fulfilling volunteering that G1G1 customer service -- plz adopt a Contributors Program project in this rapidly growing list here:
  • Guilty of "Projecting"? As charged, thanks dear Shrink; we want Stronger Projects growing into the future, as Contributors Program 2.0 is slowly coming together at last, allowing us to build the culture we need to shape CP v3.0 -- thanks to Sameer's students,'s possible Social Network volunteering, etc.
  • Caryl's ridiculous amount of work pamphleteering & showing off OLPC at and all the great contacts she, JPfeiffer, Scorche & all made.
  • Why John Watlington (Wad, OLPC VP of hardware) still doesn't want motherboards sold. Particularly those given free to seed community repair centers ;)
  • Questions about the 20 Peru and 20 Uruguay internships expected this summer: