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"BTest-2 is really beta test for the electronics, while beta test for the new screen, touch pad, industrial design, and keyboard;" This sentence makes no sense.

Please add a create date and a last updated date to pages such as this, so that newcomers such as myself can tell if this is still-relevant to our recent acquisition of the machine (That is, do I need to be reading it to find out more about 4F-Salute, or not, on my second hand G1G1? Not immediately clear from the page text, but I was referred here from the main 4F-Salute page, not knowing what B2 and B3 meant on that page). The apparent answer is no, it is not relevant, but it is still a bit ambiguous, and I'm just guessing that a B2 is a reference to a beta machine that was never offered through G1G1. Thanks. AS 2008-10-03.