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In light of the cancellation of the Give Many program (as of February, 2009) would it be appropriate to add a link here to whatever program replaces it, or alternately to a definitive statement clearly stating that no program of this kind is available?

Yes, that would be appropriate. It hasn't been exactly cancelled, in that existing conversations and requests are being fulfilled, but it is being wrapped up. There should be a public announcement soon. --Sj talk

Clarification requests

It might be useful to add "You may find other questions answered in our support FAQ." here somewhere, since there are many hardware and software questions that occur to people, and this sn't the place or email list for them.

Is the cost of shipping included... : If you are donating to an OLPC partner country, your donations will be included in our next shipment bound for this location.

does that include both directed and designated-to-an-address donations?

Activities on the XO : for quantities less than XXXX.

what quantity is this? removed for lack of number... now it just says "come with these activities" until there is clarity on what it means to have a custom build preinstalled. This should also mention customization keys. --Sj talk 20:46, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Keyboard localization figures seem inconsistent

Hey guys,

There's some inconsistency in the keyboard localization figures quoted in two different sections of this page. I'm guessing that the 10,000 figure is correct, but it should be someone from OLPC proper that makes the call on this.

What XO laptops are available?
English keyboard XOs are available for the Change the World programs. If you are donating laptops to an OLPC partner country we will provide the appropriate language keyboard for that specific country. If you are interested in donating 10,000 or more XOs to a location not in a partner country, OLPC is happy to discuss localized keyboard options with you. Please contact change@ for more information.

Is it possible to receive XO laptops with non-keyboards English?
For Change the World donations of 1,000 or more we are happy to discuss your options for localized keyboards. OLPC will provide you with detailed information on this option to help you make an informed decision on your needs for a customs keyboard. There are a number of things to consider for non-English keyboards such as technical support, lead times and translations. If you are interested in a non-English Change the World donation please change@ with your request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. For a list of keyboards which OLPC has developed for the XO please visit Languages other than English for more information.

Xo's in Belize

We are working in southern Belize with an emphasis on education. I have given a principal of a grade school a XO last January from the first Give One Get One program. If we want to give 100 laptops to children in several remote villages, how do we proceed? Jim Schwai Elm Grove, Wi.