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new collections : Hol. Encyclo contribution, WikiBrowse double-bundle.
new worldwideworkshop work
gamejam output x8

January 27, 2007


Greg Smith on testing and ideas:

For software work, it usually starts with thoughts about what is possible and what should be done... it's tough to start with first impressions.

Where is the dialog about what is important to educators and to classes? have been reading the spanish pages and getting in touch with people in uruguay. but there hasn't been that much about the curriculum and focus; which is important. Just as coming up with ideas to bounce things off of, and coming up with a way to empower teachers and students : making things for their own benefit.

Looking for places to be involved. Got close to print support and implementation. Installing CUPS and enabling it from cmd-line and Opera. Currently stuck... heard someone at Peru wanted printing, don't know if it's over the network or over USB.

Inspired by Freire and by models for growth; even software process is about building code and giving it to people, to uncover and solve problems together. Getting a dialog going

start a list of teachers and educators to discuss their existing work/curriculum : what they do in their classes
compare the # of g1g1 questions to the # from s. america, and they're very small.

Literacy levels : Levelled readers. Safari books online -- summaries available; reader's digests. Potential project for hackathon

  • Kids making stuff : see story about local water design and community water system.


Catalytic like that : IMSA, ffm, kikka, misha, dyd... improve this list.
  • History and local storytelling : doing local research projects (demographics, &c)
  • Internet access and sneakernet : andy interested. checking out what's been done and how to expand on it.
  • Chapters, for next week:
Get faculty involved again in national network.
Travelling stipends for a group going across the country visiting a number of schools each week.
  • Emulation : pop in a CD that takes in everything, including updates; runs a networked sugar interface on the screen for kids to use : schools would jump over this. That would be a real block of ed software that's completely free.
Make sure you can download/install new packages.
Get some support for distributing CDs? On the ed side, multiply the # of people looking at new collections.
Followup on the new IMSA tutorial. clean up the edges on this to take on the road. Heuristic : how long does it take to update a lab of [Windows/Linux/Mac] machines with a couple CDs? so they don't have to independently download a huge file off the internet.
new xo-qemu
  • Events :
Hackathon in April @ Olin, not a big jam. 1-2 days to get together and work on current projects. feed people, have a central area to get together and spur eachother on.
GDC in Feb
summer: Aug 25-27
Candidate's Weekend? OLPC hacking during freetime @ clubfair:
  • Developer-grade kids from OLPC trials : how do they get involved?
    prepare the way with groups that age, through schools now.
  • Internships
    useful skillsets? list of oustanding trac issues
    getting a class involved in minimal time (with presentation), update the outreach package so they can definitely get involved
  • Zhenya's class in 'enum physics' : learning through teaching middle-highschool.
    newman elem school, Needham. open to cool new ideas.
    zhenya@olin ; update super-hardcore-ness soon.
  • follow up with matt @ olin, re