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Overall & Catalogs

  • Library of Congress - Justin Thorp, Kevin Novak : language, topical, format curators.
  • OER Commons [OERC] - Lisa Petrides, Amee Godwin. Collection & stamping. No paper, one update. ++ Music connections - Sippy Cups, Moog synth games
    Open Knowledge Foundation - cf, repository/index of free content projects... similar to OERC but from a coder's / revision control perspective. not communicating yet w/the above.
  • Curriki - Bobbi Kurshan, Josh Marks. Paper pending, one update.
  • Connexions (8-college), CK12 (K-12), [Wikibooks]
  • Communities: G-Literacy, Jessica Powell
  • Community of Independent thinkers (letters, wiki, chat of activity that people can join): Minciu Sodas, User:AndriusKulikauskas We are collecting content for distribution by way of USB Flash Drives including our community archives (about 90 MB zipped, 235 MB unzipped).

Literacy, language learning

Todd Kelsey, coordinator.
  • Literacy Projects : no papers, collection; network sharing. G, Karin Ploetz (Frankfurt LitCam)
  • Basic works : Conall Ryan, MGH. collection; needs effort, bureau
  • Basic tools : Ignatz Heinz (Avallain)
    language tools: Jeff Fleishman


  • Internet Archive - no paper, need collection. Brewster K. children's collection. scanning? archiving. local expertise building. Alexandria, Million Book Project (China/India)
    Related support: Don Hopkins, bookreader & keys, SimCity
  • ICDL - need paper, c issues, active disc,
  • Logos children's library - need paper, collection.
  • PDF collections
    Project Gutenberg (John Guagliardo). c issues... how to resolve?
    [zPDF collections]
  • Google Books: Luke H, summer post


  • Mathematica - c issues, hackability?
  • LD Virtual Manipulatives - c interest; Utah State
  • specific works from catalogs


  • Biology : E.O. Wilson Foundation (no paper, 1 update)
  • Earth sciences (ChemProject WP)
  • Agriculture & Ecology (formerly: Martin G, Michael J)
    EO Wilson, Calestous Juma, D. Rowe - temp support


coordinator: ...
  • LOC's World Digital Library: paper pend, need curators, need update, lang support, national crossover. Justin Thorp / Kevin Novak.
  • Encyclopedias (Andy Sisson upate?), Dictionary (Gerard Meijssen, Sabine, Erik update), Logos children's dictionary (no p / collection)
  • Atlas (wikiatlas on Commons: community update?)
  • Maps: Metacarta (help, code), Allan Doyle (EOGEO, advice), Adam Holt / Schuyler Erle (visualization via Meadan)
  • How-tos : Felicity Tepper, wikiHow (2 updates)
    MAKE, Phil Torrone (need collection, guidelines)
    OLPC guides (Asher Miller, K Xu, et al. need collections)


coordinator: ...
  • Museums and libraries : World Digital Library, Justin Thorp.
    Museum of Fine Arts : online collection
  • Film : Godfrey Reggio (Anima Mundi, Qatsi trilogy), need coll, c confirmation
  • Music : Jamendo, Antenna Alliance (1 update), Freemusic, Jon Phillips (CC) - need coll, timeline


coordinator: ... (see Noah, Kathy, &c)
  • Partners in Health - need collection clarification
  • R. Wurman - need texts; via Mike
  • WHO, AfricaBio - need texts, p
  • UNICEF - need update (water/sanitation library; Chris Fabian)


coordinator: Kent Quirk
  • Josh Ellis - need flash contacts
  • Chuck Norman - need c discussion (EA, SimC)
  • Simulations : Concord Consortium (need activity), Don Hopkins

Computers, programming

coordinator: ?
  • Development
    Yoshiki??, eToys - need squeakland collection
    Develop - activity, Andrew Clunis/orospakr
  • Books - Wikijunior, need coll (wiki proj)
    No Starch, Intro to Python/Wikis/TCP/IP, Intro to Linux:

Trades and skills


  • Wikimedia commons: Erik Moller
  • Creative Commons style searches: jon @ cc
  • Book players: Conall Ryan, MGH
  • Books: Cormac Lawler (Wikiversity), Anne Schreiber (Curriki)
  • Drawing: rgbpaint/officiana (Manu), Inkscape (jon phillips), etoys - Bert Freudenberg
  • Audio: Jamendo - global collection of free music, license & quality checking. sink for Free Music Project / Antenna Alliance. balanced cc-by selection for OLPC children. Sylvain Zimmer
  • Video: Peter Kaufman @ Intelligent TV, Jeff Fleischman @ Sesame Workshop


  • Music: Barry Vercoe, Dr. B (Csound)
  • Programming environs || Alan Kay (eToys), Rob Saovye
  • Texts | abiword (osu + abi), Manu/dan/don (Xbook),
  • Media | OSU, real (Helix), ?gstreamer-team (Gstreamer), Rob Savoye (Gnash), Erik B (Capture)
  • Cartoons | Ignatz Heinz, Cartoonbuilder


Todd Kelsey
  • Format conversion | ffmpeg2theora, theorur (OGG audio/video), PG (crossmark),
  • Text-to-speech - R Vergara, Gruppo Logos (human);
  • Translation - Gruppo Logos, OmegaT (Sabine Cretella), communities (proz, GerardM, Og Maciel); Google (Franz Och); Meadan (Ed Bice, Schuyler Erle)

Other notes

Languages: Xavi, Antonio, Nalrawahi, Og Maciel, Bruno Magrani, Soufron, Suyesh, Don Osborn, Dwayne Bailey, Gerard M

by Geography: by coordinators

Recent notes

  • Second Life - Cory Ondrejka working on a low-overhead port
  • Stefan M - Moo cards...
  • cc - Eric Steuer - licensing for kids (with Ryan Trinkle)
    cf also Jon
  • Isshu Rakusai, nota. shirts and free shirt design.
  • Hiroshi Tachioka, -?, testing in ed environment
  • InfoQ - agile software dev: connection with volunteer coders
  • Polish Free Textbook Project -- Wladyslaw Majewski. Free texts, localized.
  • Global Lives -- David Harris. Stories (vid, aud, transcript) from around the world

Volunteer request

I am an active participant on both Librivox, Flickr and (far less occasionally) Wikibooks. I would love to help administer or work on content collection and organization. My background/professional experience is in desktop publishing, photography and computers. I have been a long time follower of the OLPC project and I would love to participate.

As I mentioned, I am on librivox, the group creating public domain audiobooks from public domain texts. I think that there is a lot of work that could be done on that front, in organizing, sorting, tagging, and transcoding the existing audiobooks. For instance if they books were transcoded to an optimal OGG Speex format and bit rate, a lot of useful material could be added to school servers at a low cost of diskspace. I am also on flickr, and often am searching creative commons Licensed images for various promotional materials. I would be very please and proud to try to organize and distribute CC-by licensed images that could be distributed.

If either project is one that I should: undertake on my own and then submit at a later date, be given some administrative guidelines and organization via this wiki, or one that is already being done by someone else: please give me feedback.

Philosophically, I am very much in support of the OLPC project, Wikibooks/wikipedia, CC& Public Domain and open-courseware in general. The OLPC and it's assorted content are projects that I feel very strongly about, and very committed to. Please consider my request and offer to assist as very real, and can be depended on for at the very minimum of 10-15 hours a week. Sethwoodworth 19:09, 18 September 2007 (EDT)


I am Giuseppe Fortunati iEARN Italy rappresentative , see also other italian Educational projects at, why not add Italian to the list of languages?


Hi, why not add Russian to the list of languages? We are a small community of lang-ru translators/educators, but a mighty one :-) --Biarm 00:29, 25 November 2007 (EST)

Region Volunteer - Pacific Northwest or Whatcom County / Washington State

Interested in volunteering/assisting with curator/maintaining in my 'local' region. (know of at least 5 XO-Laptops in the area, probably more)

  • Pacific Northwest or Whatcom County / Washington State
  • City of Bellingham

--ixo 00:43, 31 December 2007 (EST)

Topic Volunteer - Journalism and non-fiction writing

I'm interested in discussing and developing tutorials and tools for journalism and other non-fiction writing, including use of the XO for fact gathering and as a publishing platform.

If time permits, I'd like to help with the overall structure of information, cross-linkage and community building, too.

I've put related links and bio on my Robby user page. Robby 13:04, 9 January 2008 (EST)


I am interested in developing mathematics content. I am a high school teacher in East Los Angeles and teach algebra and geometry in English and Spanish. I am currently hosting a site: where I place flash movies of all of my classroom lectures and pdfs of all of my worksheets. The movies and worksheets are stored at the Internet Archive. I would like to begin to develop a virtual instruction community that would be facilitated by the olpc hardware. Is there someone with whom I can chat about my ideas and how they might work with the olpc project? I can be emailed at

Curating Physics, Chemistry, and related Science Education Equipment

I'm Joel Rosenberg, and I'd like to help curate educational resources for physics and chemistry. I'd also like to work on science education equipment, about which much has been written for low-cost equipment building. OLPC seems like a good place to organize what I've got so far, and what I find in the future.

Jrose 12:24, 17 February 2008 (EST)