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Why Not Request Information From All Museums?

Should we not just craft a general letter requesting all donatable materials to be sent to all the museums world wide? Museums are publicly funded and should be able to share just about all their archived information.

Whether or not they are willing is another question. Especially nowadays as many museum administrators come from big business where they have a profit oriented mindset and therefore try to protect the museum's "intellectual property".

I still believe, if properly worded, a request could be sent that would thaw all but the coldest of hearts in these positions. I also think such a request should stress the duty of museums to the public and the world. Museums, after all, are public institutions specifically created to disseminate knowledge to mankind. The British Museum, at least, owes this to the public of the world as they stole most of their collections from countries the British armies invaded.

I tried this once before, around 1997, but it was not yet the right time. These ideas would make more sense now that the world has begun to see the value in Free Software and the internet.

--LuYu 03:43, 19 March 2008 (EDT)