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XO-1 arrives in Manila January 2007 Courtesy of

Having pics of the prototype in the hands of Filipino children would be great.
DONE--Chief Mike 10:33, 8 April 2008 (EDT)
Any content that can increase visibility in the Philippines is welcome. -- Sgc

Tagalog language templates R available, please add one to your User:Page

tl Ang manggagamit na ito ay katutubong mananalita ng Tagalog.

See Category:User tl --Chief Mike 10:03, 12 September 2007 (EDT)

Also Translators#New in-wiki languages --Xavi 11:56, 12 September 2007 (EDT)

OLPC for Philippine NBN Project

JANUARY 16, 2008 From James in canada - I woul dlike some feedback on my thoughts re: OLPC and the NBN Project:

In 2007 the Philippine government's Department of Communications DOC was engaged in a nation wide project called the National Broadband Network (NBN). Work on the project was suspended due to some political issues. The President, Gloria Arroyo (GMA), has mandated that the Philippines will engage in a nation-wide ICT program to provide the access for government agencies to IP based services by deploying a national broadband network.

Wouldn't it be great if the proposed NBN program mandated that a rural education component must be included as part of the NBN deployment and that ICT access, as well as deployment of XO laptops was the deliverable for that component?

In other words, this proposed nation wide broadband ICT build would not only give government agencies in all parts of the Philippines access to IP based services, but would importantly require providing OLPC devices (XO laptops) to school districts in the provinces where education is so very important in order to break the level of rural poverty.

I would be interested in knowing if OLPC has a mechanism to initiate this sort of program? My interest, having worked on a large scale digital network build in the Philippines in 1998 (the TelicPhil NDTN project ) would be to assist with the project planning and project management requirements on a voluntary basis.


The Philippine Cyber-Education Projector google it was supposed to address this (using satellite Internet, standard computers, diesel generators, etc...) but it too was also stopped by the government.
I have only so far been able to talk with local DepEd and other elected officials IRT the XO-1 vs Intel

I'm also waiting for someone to lend me an XO-1 to demo it to Conressman Milaflorez down here in Aklan. see also OLPC_Philippines_Unang_Liwanag

--Chief Mike 07:04, 25 January 2008 (EST)

James, canada, January 25, 2008. Thanks Mike for the reply and associated links to your project. When you say you are looking to have someone lend you a XO are you in conversation with someone in the Philipiines with a laptop? My G1 laptop has yet to arrive here in Saskatoon or I would suggest a short term 'loan' to get things going. Keep me in mind if you are still looking for a XO in late February by which time my laptop shoudl have been devilvered. Paalam.
Thanx but shipping from Canada and back would probably? be expensive, and more so on the return trip (import-export duties,taxes,insurance?)
I've had a couple of promises from Luzon (I'm in a wait&see stage since 1st of December)
RE: Everybody (including most shipping/parcel-post) were busy over Xmas and also then Kalibo's 796th Ati-Atihan down here, not to mention my land line was out for several weeks, cellphone kept saying <no signal found>, and along with a sporadic Internet across RP, .... :)
:) That's Life: Only in the Philippines --Chief Mike 09:42, 27 January 2008 (EST)
communicating across an ocean seams easier than across a country!

I hope to be in Cebu City in early April. Will try to contact you then. Regards, James S. I hope to CU here w/your XO-1 then ;} FYI: My landline phone number and address is posted on my User page, and it's a five minutes away from the Kalibo Internatonal Airport and about a 45minute drive to Boracay Island -- 08:55, 6 February 2008 (EST) Chief Mike my place @ wikimapia

Read and understood. I am hoping to have my XO before leaving Canada. I'll contact u from Cebu in early April. Cheers Chief Mike. ;>) James S. 08/02/2008@19:27CST
Hi Chief Mike, good news ;>) - my XO just arrived in Saskatoon. I will have a few days to get familiar with it and them I will pack it up and bring it with me. Will be in Manila on April 6 and am now planning to travel to Kalibo on Thursday April 10. I will call you from Makati unless you post here before April 4 with any updates. Cheers, James S. 28/03/2008 @ 18:54CST.

List Blog/News links for OLPC Philippines here

These are the list of sites not wikied or announced by project updates:

Add any new stuff down here Please :)

PH specific xo-1 hacks

I'm searching around for localization stuff and placing it dito :) REF:Sugar_Control_Panel

  • sugar-control-panel -h
    • Set the time zone before setting date/time
sugar-control-panel -s timezone Asia/Manila
    • Date/time setting from most accurate source(s) NOTE: date should be current prior to setting time
sugar-control-panel -g date

check to ensure today's date is shown!

su - # become root with login shell ( some builds need to use su without the - )

Then you will want to make the hardware clock remember the current time.

hwclock --systohc
    • Set Language
sugar-control-panel -s language English/Philippines


sugar-control-panel -s language Tagalog/Philippines
    • Nick (An Alias) for chatting
sugar-control-panel -s nick Chief_Mike
Please don't use my Nick as it is already taken
Replace "Chief_Mike" with your own OK?

--Chief Mike 10:31, 16 April 2008 (EDT) :) more l8r :)