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This won't work with the OLPC mesh network

This whole thing seems to be based on the Internet model where there are web servers and web clients. This will not work on the serverless mesh network model of the OLPC.

It is a cute idea and I can see that kids would have a lot of fun playing with such a tool, however I fail to see the educational benefit of this tool or its relevance to OLPC. It should not have OLPC in the name. Call it KidCities or something like that.

But more importantly, this does not leverage the OLPC system and software architecture. I can see how something like this could be implemented in Python leveraging the OLPC Activities architecture but, sadly, this tool does not do this.

The authors of this tool really need to review the structure of OLPC Activities and do some more research on how the 2B1 will be used. Most of that information is readily available on this wiki.


The XO will access the internet. Each school will have a server connected to the web.Any XO will have contact with this server using the mesh network. There are a browser beeing part of the native software. You can read at the basic OLPC FAQ at Our software:

Will the mesh networking be an effective replacement for Internet access?

We don't anticipate the mesh network replacing the Internet; rather it will complement the Internet. The mesh will be for local communication. An uplink at the school will be the gateway out.

Moving pages

Hi guys, I just moved all the OLPCities pages to links like "OLPCities/<blah>". Putting these as subpages helps keep the main article namespace a bit less confusing, and avoids the problem of people going to, e.g. "keyboard" looking for information about Thai keyboard layouts. The transition should be painless, as I also updated all the links on the pages to point at the new addresses.

In the next couple of days, I might start deleting the old redirects at pages like keyboard, button, etc. So if those are linked from any sources outside this wiki, those outside sites should update their links.

Thanks, Jacobolus 19:38, 13 February 2007 (EST)