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Why does the presence screen have people's faces on it? Given that the kids won't have cameras of any sort it may be rather difficult to get photos to put there in the first place. I would think that kids would find it more useful to have that space filled by additional identity information such as sex, age, grade, school, home village or neighborhood.

Has anyone on your team reiewed the Cybiko and how it handled presence and chat? They allowed users to input profiles that included stuff like interests. Then strangers who met some profile requirements would automatically pop up when in range.

They also allowed for a topical chat where people who were interested in a certain topic could chat while people chatting about another topic were invisible. Because this was all peer-to-peer over their radios it wasn't quite the same thing as chatrooms on IM, it was more of a different way to slice and dice the matching profile idea.

In response to the question above regarding user pictures, I believe the laptop will have a camera incorporated in it.


"The computer also has features anyone would love, notably a built-in camera and a color display that converts to monochrome so it's easier to see in sunlight."

In the picture SugarDemo2.png on the page, could you please say who is supposed to be sat at the keyboard of the laptop. Is it Marco or is Marco trying to make contact from another machine? I note that Chaitanya, Kiu and Penelope are all listed in the "Who's around" panel yet Marco is not.

Why does Marco not have a capital letter for his name?

Which part is it?

I assume the Fedora Core background image is not part of Sugar. Yes?

What about the GNOME taskbar? Does Sugar include that, or is it only there because of the Fedora Core system?

The confusing green theme... is that Sugar? Maybe it is just somebody's personal choice of GTK/GNOME theme?


Make the taskbar buttons be more like tabs, so the user is always looking at a giant full-screen tabbed dialog box. Each app is a tab. This eliminates the question of window focus style, the space-consuming window borders, the confusing buttons, etc. If an app is designed to have a small dialog box, shade the rest of the screen (like the Win95 shutdown dialog) instead of giving the dialog box a border and titlebar. Rather than having a confusing desktop metaphor with inconsistantly-behaved objects (home, trash, cd-rom, some random user file), have an app for it. This app might be started by default.

Sugar design review 3

A more recent design is at Sugar_design_review_3. Each activity (application) will be fullscreen, and laptop buttons will allow to slide-in a "contacts" window (to chat, or share the current activity), and another button will switch to the Home, where a kid can start a new activity, and see all activities he is running, as well as those being shared on other laptops in the vicinity. (I'm not with the olpc project, just an interested visitor).