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I am worried about the safety of the child. I would imagine that in some of the countries that the laptop is intended to be used, that life is cheap somtimes as little as the cost of a bullet. Even in Modern countries children are attacked and somtimes even killed for there mobile phones, laptops and ipods, in a developing country this problem would be considerably worse. Some of the measures mentioned would make the resale value of any stolen laptop next to nothing but in some countries next to nothing could still be a lot of money.

I believe that any technological measure to prevent theft would be expensive and also eventually overcome, what is needed is a strong deterrent. I do not have much in the way of suggestions, other than it being well publicised in the countries of use that illegal possesion of one of the laptops comes with a much more severe penalty than any other theft. Since most of the projects to supply these laptops will be government funded it would be possible to do something like this, not just on a local scale but also worldwide.