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Started 1/14. Discussion of xozine and community-space.

general notes

1. zine name, predecessors : mozillazine, &c. xoxo (last issue Sept 2007), OLPC:Wiki News, OLPC:News,

2. wordpress/blog system • give out subdomains of or other. • email newsletter -- email * OTD • recommended rss feeds • phil - adamantly? virulently? anti-blog for a while.

3. iain davidson -- weekly summary : on wiki-news.

4. phil -- for levelled readers, &c.

5. comparison : chumby and bunnie. open source implementing closed flash widgets. cool hacking community based around it. bunnie chong did a lot of the original xbox hacks too... xboxlinux & dashboard. popular guy. the chumby blog wasn't a great implementation, but was fine.

6. evolution to a community-driven wiki. change terminology... "this page is maintained by OLPC staff" ?

7. Site map. how to help people participate. have a flowchart : are you a programmer? y/n illustrator? &c. and guiding people to ongoing projects/portals. seth: so carol, doing levelled readers could plug illustrators into ? idea: categories by 'X needed'

8. Seth : wants to coordinate flickr things.

9. for most people I have no idea what people are up to.

10. ways to chat about what people work on.

: blog post when a new project gets started
: update sections in the wiki where developers are linked
: poke dev and other lists to encourage ppl to update that

Iain -- page focus : developers, general users, &c.

Talk with Kate? about suborganizing (Message sent to grassroots list. --IainD)

11. get an intern to poke all the contributors and developers... ask them tpo update things and become a real part of the community.

12. Seth -- cafl came into our group to help; she was in grassroots... now doing lots of other things.

13. people : andriani, adam, SJ. phil, mburns, iain davidson, seth.

Set up outreach website. multiuser wordpress / drupal [seth] - let seth/mburns/amit determine this.
Set up summary bots for IRC, wiki, meetings.

check how #cc does updates - a bot pushes updates into the chan

14. olpc updates site : how to find updates, where to get/post them.


  • find and import a few hundred userboxes. post general email to the grassroots list. (ian d)
  • pick columns for rss feed via sidebar. (install one) NB: someone has been uploading rss images to the wiki...
  • schedule updates.
    • regular zine : daily notes with project highlights?
  • personal info updates -- ask office folks.
  • set time to talk about library dev and content connections
  • regular check-in.
  • give wiki subdomains / blog subdomains that post to userpage
  • infobox updates :IanD to find

Update site?

Seth - supports having such a site (sj - even if only for developers).

mburns is working with the OSL it get a Zine site launched later this week (before Feb 1, 2008 is the goal for a launch). This includes the multi-user blog and various other fun features.

Initial Editorial Board

Editor : (Seth W)
Wiki summaries (Iain D)
Mailing lists and IRC ( same? )
Projects and software updates (Phil B)
Interviews & profiles (Seth W)
Media summary -- news and blogs (Seth W)
Proofing / copyediting : (Phil B)
Translating (es) : (SJ to find)
Content and collections (SJ)
XO media (taken with/made with...)
Education and research (workshop writeup? DC)
Country and trial schools ( -- )
Support and testing ( -- )

XO Spotlights

Interview candidates

from pool of irc/wiki/help volunteers
  • dydisme's working w/telehealth, hesperian. initial interest
  • cafl
  • kate davis
  • neskaya
  • kikka
  • misha
  • ffm
  • nlee
  • molly fisher - flickr and forums (olpc group there)
  • Other youngest (or oldest?) users

Community XO in action 'spotlights'

XO Projects in development/release/in use

  • SethW: EM spectrum diagram? other amazing images to broadcast / turn into readers

Iain's meeting notes

2008 01 13, phone conversation, 4pm to 8pm (EST) (1 to 5pm PST) (brief notes)

Roll Call:

  • Phil (Phil), Seth, (Adam, others in background?), IainD, mburns,


  • Need better outreach to community and others

Target readers, news/items/notes

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Educators
  • User documentation (need more flushing out)

Methods (different areas/days for frequency/regular updates)

  • Wiki
  • xo'Zine (editors speak up)
  • RSS


  • Projects underway
  • People volunteers.
  • Interesting stories, personal highlights.
  • Interest group overview.
  • Summary of blog posts, irc, or wiki to community-blog?

Welcoming committee, new user greeter -- is desperately needed !

Mchua has a good start to one: User:Mchua/Volunteers_portal
  • new volunteer
  • Devel
  • project creation
  • xo user groups

Documentation on redirection ideas

  • Ask question, redirection to proper channel
  • Goto list for redirection

Blog/Forum Software/Implementation (Multi-user environment needed)

  • WordPress (mult-user,
  • Druple -
    • mburns experience
  • Clone
  • Blog/Blogger
  • Forum/phpForum/phpBB
  • another wiki ?
  • Creative Commons (CC) license ?
  • Nanorimo,


Regular published electronic magazine  (by end of sunday?)

Pilot project

  • First issue out this Sunday (week from today).

Initial Volunteers/Coordinators/editorial staff

  • Editor: Seth
  • Interview/profiles: Seth
  • Copy-editor/Proof reader: Seth
  • Media/Press: Seth
  • Wiki Summarizor: IainD,
  • Software/developer: PhilB,
  • Translation:
  • Education/research:
  • Mailing List/annoucements:


  • Media updates
  • Summarize of every active areas. (of wiki, community news, projects, forum, chat, etc)
  • Wiki
  • Mailing lists / announcements
  • Country/trial school
  • personal
  • Content projects
  • Education/research projects

Wiki editors

  • Possible names: xavi, nlee ffm


  • IRC users - Ian (DyDisMe?), Neskaya?, ffm?, cafl?, Molly Fisher?
  • Other younger users

—Preceding unsigned comment added by IainDavidson (talkcontribs) 05:27, January 15, 2008 EST

I'd be happy to give the report on admins, vandals, and whatnot. ffm 18:08, 15 January 2008 (EST)

Topics of coverage

aka editorial departments

I can try to keep up with l10n and help to cover support.

What other territory has been claimed?

Adricnet 00:31, 14 January 2008 (EST)

Drafting space

Should we make our zine in wikitext, then convert it to HTML?

I think that we should do it in Weekly zine/edition/ArticleType, such as Weekly zine/1/wiki-report ffm 08:25, 16 January 2008 (EST)

How about naming it by date Xoxo/January 20, 2008 ? That works well, is predictable, and uses useful information in the name... the Signpost does a pretty good job as an example. --Sj leave me a message 14:20, 19 January 2008 (EST)

Zine drafting on the wiki, a-la Wikinews, as FFM suggests. Use an adapted version of |WikiRSS for the bleeding-edge crowd, batch-pipe it out to the pretty-url once a week but with a "see the current version of this article" at the end linking back to the wiki. We'd have both a static, locked, good-looking, for-the-public-eye version at the url and a "change me! change me!" community version on wiki, and we could even revisit/republish/re-link-to the most-edited article in the following issue. Mchua 20:50, 16 January 2008 (EST)

How about this... Keep the front page Weekly zine always just include {{{Weekly zine/1/wiki-report}}} the latest 'released issue' with links back to an index Weely zine/back issues and the previous issue. (maybe even next issue?) The next issue will be a 'work in progress' until it is 'released', then work starts on the next issue. etc....

Hmm.. sounds like it might actually work pretty smoothly, once we get the process down. :)

I'm sure the first edition will bring out lots of people from the woodwork, willing to help on the next one. (and hopefully, each issue will build on the previous one... bigger and bigger and better... more 'umph' every time! --iainD 08:19, 18 January 2008 (EST)

This sounds like it should work. Having tried this both ways many times on wikis, I'd say it's better to have the new editions in a permanent place, never to be moved, with the date in the name; and scratch space somewhere that gets archived. The Wikipedia Signpost is closest to what I think people have in mind here, and has a good system for all of this, including a way to 'publish' rapidly in 60 seconds or so after development is done. --Sj leave me a message 14:17, 19 January 2008 (EST)

Merge education and grassroots?

Merging education/research with grassroots might make sense; a lot of the education research will center around specific classrooms/experiments run by grassroots groups (including those located at universities and research centers). Contributions from grassroots groups that can fit into any other section should go to that section (if OLPC Kenya releases a new Activity it should go with the software news, etc.) but local-area action would go in Education/Grassroots. It's a lot of info to keep up with, though, so I was hesitant to put forth this proposal. Thoughts? Mchua 20:50, 16 January 2008 (EST)

I would suggest not getting overwhelmed for the first edition. :-) Pick the direction you would like to go, focus on one or two items that interest you.. and run with it. Just get somethun' to Seth asap. :] --iainD

project of the day

See project of the day for a daily email about ongoing community efforts. nominate projects, or add descriptions of those that are there. --Sj talk 00:17, 5 February 2008 (EST)

Great idea. And once you focus in one, and write up an overview/details, put a quick overview of chosen ones w/links into the Weekly zine . :-) --ixo 17:54, 5 February 2008 (EST)

I like that connection. "featured this week..." we could do that with a few different lists if there's interest (images and media, xo usage and quotes, projects and collections). --Sj talk 19:01, 5 February 2008 (EST)

mburns on the Community Forum Website:

  • (mid) December: launches. As do the olpchelp and olpcnews forums.
  • (late) January: and merge into, doubling in size
  • (early, projected) February: merges into

The OLPC Community Forum has really taken off, with just the last 2 weeks seeing a surge of users and growth since two of the largest OLPC forums ( and have cooperated to merge into a single site. is now the unified forum for users of the XO. In fact, users are already shaping the community, influencing design and layout from literally day one. With this success another site,, has approached me to merge together. Fewer splintered communities means better feedback, better responses and a more diverse conversation. There is no shortage of volunteers, organizers and passionate users participating in the community discussion and we've seen that in the reflection of posts on the site. The community forum is still strongest in answering first-time user's questions, but we are quickly expanding into other areas, coordinating education materials and educators, assisting the formation of grassroot projects and hosting local organizations.


Everyone check out the InProgress document Manual of Style. ffm 20:08, 5 February 2008 (EST)

Future Topics

(Moved to seperate page, Weekly zine/Future topics)