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Who started this page? And why doesn´t anyone keep it updated?

There is a lot of interesting work to do here. Lets try to list some:

1. A "to do" list for integrating wireshark into the XO 2. A "How to" use these tools for cracking/analysing a WiFi network.

Does aireplay-ng actually work?

I thought the Libertas driver/Marvell firmware didn't support injection?


Any reason this page shouldn't just get deleted? It's a recipe for cracking WEP. There isn't any particular reason anyone would need to do this on an OLPC.

Are you kidding? The OLPC is the PERFECT wardriving machine!

Legitimate Network Analysis

I just moved to an apartment complex. I'm trying to figure out what's REALLY going on in on the various channels. I've also found the NetworkManager and/or network services aren't easily configured for my particular WAP configuration. Tools like this are not bad, it's people that do bad things with them. I can imagine that understanding the wireless environment in a school with LOTS of laptops could be critically important to a deployment. Deleting this page would be wrong.

Unfortunately I see that the Marvell Libertas 88W8388 chipset isn't natively supported by kismet. A few folks on the OLPC news forums were also talking about this.