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Capacity building / Reaching out

Sent this email

Dear All, we are - Dpt OLPC Community and its We are specialised in kickstarting the funding of OLPC deployments with the CO2e certificates the OLPC deployments generate. I've just made this page: Can you read that and especially have a look at the little 2' video's. Then come back to this email. Would you be interested to join forces to apply for some kickstart-funding to equip e.g. the GECPC Centre with some 400 XO-XS laptop schools for your 400 students? I think if we put forward your " With the prize money of the 2011 Nansen Refugee Award, SHS inaugurated the "Nansen" primary school in the Kharaz Refugee Camp in Yemen. In this way, SHS is helping refugee boys and girls - who remain at the heart of any society - to live in dignity and take hold of their futures once they leave the refugee camp space. The camp has almost 17 thousand refugees reside permanently in; nearly 50% of them are children. More: "

and our references, I think we stand a good chance.

Sincerely, for the ACO2e - OLPC Community - Brussels, skype: SvenAERTS +32 2 7 876 7 21 fix +32 487 580 265 gsm (base) to :

  1. at --SvenAERTS 13:23, 19 December 2013 (UTC)