Teacher training

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Wiki Educator project

I would find it difficult to develop programs for the XO but am interested in teacher training. My background is in Instructional Technology, have taught at K-12, undergrad and grad levels. I would like working with like-minded individuals on training initiatives.

The OLPC Oceania project has been evaluating the Wiki Educator project by the Commonwealth of Learning and thinks it is a very useful tool for use in schools that have deployed OLPCs

The following PDF document was readily produced on the Wiki Educator site and then converted to a PDF file. It is a simple Lesson Plan for teaching teachers about the laptop

Sample lesson plan


The Medium is The Message

I believe on eating our own catfood ("train teachers _through_ the XO, not through presentations or classroom-style, for the medium is the message!..."). I will be elaborating on this for the Sugarcamp Nov 17-21st. Yamaplos