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This template provides a simple way of making non-english pages in the wiki available in english using Google's automatic translation. If you want to make available english pages in other languages please refer to Template:Google Translations.

Google handles english as either the source or target language, so it's not an inter-language translation tool (the sole exception is that it can translate between french & german). The available language codes are:


{{ Google Translate 
  | lang    =   <!-- language code of the (source) page supported by Google
                     (ar, de, en, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pt, ru, zh) -->
  | to      =   <!-- OPTIONAL -- target language of the Google translation (default = en)
                      NOTE: except for fr/de -> de/fr, all other translations must involve 
                            english as either source or target. -->
  | display =   <!-- OPTIONAL -- how the link presents itself, 
                     if none provided it defaults to the to language code 
                     (which itself defaults to en). -->


{{Google Translate | lang = es }}


{{Google Translate | lang = es | to = en }}


{{Google Translate | lang = es | to = en | display = english }}


{{Google Translate | lang = es | display = english / inglés }}

english / inglés