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.xo Bundle[{{{1}}} OBX xobundle.xo]


Used to declare the location (and availability) of an .xo bundle. Has two (unnamed) parameters:

  • the wiki-link to the .xo file or directory
  • name of the bundle (OPTIONAL—if none provided, the page name will be used as display)
{{OBX xobundle |httplink|display }}
If the wiki link includes an equal sign ('='—which is quite common and conflicts with the handling of parameters in templates) you can 'escape it' by doing | 1=link. If so, you must also escape the second parameter with the number (| 2=display) if you specify it.
avoid extra spaces (messes up the parsing of the parameters)



.xo BundleOBX xobundle.xo

{{OBX xobundle |http://dev.laptop.org/~arjs/Measure-9.xo }}
.xo BundleMeasure.xo

{{OBX xobundle |1=http://dev.laptop.org/~arjs/Measure-9.xo|2=Measure }}
.xo BundleMeasure .xo

{{OBX xobundle |http://dev.laptop.org/~arjs/Measure-9.xo|Measure }}