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This is a substituted template for PfR. Variables:

page = the target page title. This can be a section link.
submitter = the project submitter, preferably their wiki username
loc = location of the project, city and state
req = the support and materials requested
completion = the project's current completion level, in %
duration = the amount of time the project will run (at the end the XOs should be returned to the program or passed on to another project)
text = description of the project


|page = Contributors program
|submitter = sj
|loc = Earth
|req = 200 XOs for February 
|completion = 10 
|text = A project to distribute XOs to worthy community projects.

Contributors program

Contributors program (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs) (View PfR | PFR log)

Submitter: sj (talk · contribs)     Location: Earth
Request: 200 XOs for February     Duration: unknown     Completion: 10%
A project to distribute XOs to worthy community projects.


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[[{{{page}}}]] ([{{fullurl:{{{page}}}|action=edit}} edit]|[[Talk:{{{page}}}|talk]]|[{{fullurl:{{{page}}}|action=history}} history]|[{{fullurl:Special:Whatlinkshere/{{{page}}}|limit=999}} links]|[{{fullurl:{{{page}}}|action=watch}} watch]|logs) (View PfR | PFR log)

Submitter: [[User:{{{submitter}}}|{{{submitter}}}]] ([[User talk:{{{submitter}}}|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/{{{submitter}}}|contribs]])     Location: –
Request: –     Duration: unknown    Completion: 0%


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