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Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::Activity Sub-category Test subcategory::Memorize
Component System component::Memorize
Feature System feature::http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Memorize
Objective Test objective::Matching of all pairs reveal entire grid
Tools Test tools::
Setup Test setup::Start the memorize activity.
Procedure [[Test procedure::1a. User selects box in category 1

1b. User selects box (sound setting only)

2a. User selects box in category 2.

2b. User selects another box (sound setting only)

3. Value matches: Pair is confirmed by the game. If the entire grid is shown coloured go to step 5 otherwise Continue step 1 and step 2.

4. Value doesn’t match: Both chosen boxes re-concealed by game. Continue step 1 and step 2.

5. Game finish.]]

Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
Pass criteria::When all the pairs are matched and entire grid is revealed, the game finishes
Comments More notes::
Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::8.2.0 (767) Build stream::8.2 Build number::767 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} Comments:: Created::