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Stream ,|x|Build stream::x}}
Category Test category::Activity Sub-category Test subcategory::TurtleArt
Component System component::TurtleArt
Feature System feature::http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Turtleart
Objective Test objective::Tests AND, OR and NOT blocks.
Tools Test tools::None
Setup [[Test setup::--
  1. Open the TurtleArt activity.
  2. Drag an 'if' block onto the field.
  3. Drag a spacer to the 'then' area of the 'if' block.
  4. Drag a 'forward' block to the bottom of the spacer.
  5. Drag a 'back' block into the 'else' area of the 'if' block.]]
Procedure [[Test procedure::Test Procedure (repeat for all test values below):

For a 'true' block, place an 'Equals' block on the field with the numbers '100' and '100'. For a 'false' block, place an 'Equals' block on the field with the numbers '100' and '1'.

  1. Place the first truth value on the field, into the criteria area of the 'IF' statement.
  2. Place the 'AND' or 'OR' block-under-test on the field attached to the right of the first truth value.
  3. If the 'NOT' operator is specified by the test, add this immediately into the right side of the logic operator block.
  4. Place the second truth value on the field, into the last block added.
  5. Run the sequence.
  6. The turtle should move either up or down. Make sure the direction of movement matches the expected direction.

Test Values:

#Left Truth ValueRight Truth ValueExpected Movement Direction
1.FalseNOT Truedown
3.FalseNOT falsedown
5.FalseNOT Truedown
7.FalseNOT falseup
Expected Results
and Pass Criteria
Pass criteria::The direction of movement by the turtle matches each direction specified in the test values table.
Comments [[More notes::Rationale:
  • Since these functions take two boolean inputs, it is feasable to test all possible combinations.
  • A pairwise approach is used to test the 'NOT' operator at the same time: All inputs to 'NOT' are tested while testing the outer logic operators without duplication.]]
Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::8.2.0 (767) Build stream:: Build number::45 PassFail::Pass ,|x| #x}} Comments::All logic operators work as expected. Created::2009/03/29