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Release Stream Build Pass/Fail Trac Ticket(s) Comment(s) Date of Test
Software release::Candidate Build stream::8.2 Build number::760 PassFail::Fail ,|x| #x}} Comments::Laptop booted, but you can't see all the icons in the control panel Created::

Software release:: Build stream:: Build number::765 PassFail:: ,|x| #x}} [[Comments::Pass
  • Laptop boots


  • Terminal Activity "splash screen" does not display some characters (shown as 2 white-on-black ?s instead).
    • Inverted ! before "Hola, chicos del mundo!"
    • Accented a and c in "Ola, criancas do mundo!"
  • Terminal Activity does not drop down to a new line when typing a command greater than the screen width; it wraps around onto the same line. (Compare to a US XO, which wraps the long command onto the next line.

Note: Interrupting test here; not sure how to proceed. Will continue after talking with User:Kimquirk. Mchua 16:26, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

Other notes

  • The "Software Update" dialog you see after upgrade is not fully translated. "Software Update," "Update your activities to ensure compatibility with the new software," and "Check now" are untranslated.
  • Some Activity names (like Distance and Help) are untranslated.
  • In the Journal and in List view for Home, there is an underscore before the è numbers. For instance, "Li gen 1 jou,_2è".]]