The Learning Team

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The OLPC Foundation Learning Team develops partnerships and designs programs to support education in least developed countries, conflict zones, and emergencies. Our mission is to understand how technology can support children’s education by collaborating with local NGOs, ministries of education, and international agencies. Developing programs with our local partners and their communities that address local needs and community aspirations for improving the quality of education is at the core of our work.

The Learning Group

Robert Fadel
Vice President, International Development

Former Members

Barbara Barry
Director of Learning

Shannon Gavin
Design and Implementation Specialist
Key Focus Areas: Literacy, Local Content Partnerships

Zehra Hirji
Design and Implementation Specialist
Key Focus Areas: Monitoring & Evaluation, Refugee and IDP Education, Field Distribution Support


International Network on Education in Emergencies
Global Education Cluster
Global Coalition for Protecting Education from Attack

Current Active Partnerships

United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency
American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP)
The International Children's Digital Library
Sesame Workshop: Shar'a Simsim
The Latin Patriarchate
The Palestinian Ministry of Education
Palestinian Education Initiative
Palestinian Authority, Office of the President
Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization
Hope & Play

Presentations and Publications

OLPC Foundation Vision Statement
Education: Access, Quality, and Relevance
OLPC: Education as Investment
Gender Parity in Education: Laptops Bridge the Gap
OLPC Foundation Partnerships Report
Monitoring & Evaluation Assessment Report
UNRWA Informal Learning Presentation
One Laptop per Child and Literacy Position Paper
Education in Emergencies Position Papers forthcoming

Tools and Resources

XO Arabic Forum

OLPC Manuals

Country Specific Information