Turtle Art

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Turtle Art is an activity with a Logo-inspired graphical "turtle" that draws colorful art based on Scratch-like snap-together visual programming elements.

Although it has a turtle, supports neither procedures nor recursion, so it should not be seen as a Logo replacement.

There are five palettes of program elements available for program construction. Conditions for the If block are a different shape than numeric parameters used by the other blocks.

  • Blocks
    • Clear
    • Forward(n)
    • Back(n)
    • Left(angle)
    • Right(angle)
    • Arc(angle,radius)
    • SetXY(x,y)
    • SetH(heading)
  • Pen
    •  ? (no screenshot)
  • Numbers
    •  ? (no screenshot)
  • Flow
    • Wait(n)
    • Forever[stack] (no continuation)
    • Repeat(n)[stack]
    • If(condition)[then]
    • If(condition)[then][else]
    • Stop (no continuation)
    • Connectors:
      • jog right
      • jog down
  • My blocks
    •  ? (no screenshot)

<gallery> Image:Turtle0.png|Turtle Art startup screen Image:Turtle1.png|Clicking on the Blocks menu brings the basic tool set into view Image:Turtle2.png|Drag blocks from the menu Image:Turtle3.png|Click on the top block of a stack to execute the stack Image:Turtle4.png|Other blocks can be found under the tabs Image:Turtle5.png| Image:Turtle6.png|Example projects are found on the Projects menu on the upper right of the screen Image:542-turtleart-2.png Image:Turtle-recursion-1.jpg|The pain required to implement a recursive algorithm

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