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Project Members


  • Add High score
  • Add 'pause the game' button
  • Add punctuation marks in the exercises and key-press-events

Weekly_Updates Mock-ups


Week 1

  • Establish git repository
  • Lesson Screen: Create a window with an on-screen keyboard, an area that displays lesson text and text typed

Week 2

  • Lesson Screen: Ensure on-screen keyboard displays all key maps, add some kind of key highlighting to show key presses
  • Lesson Screen: Add feedback on progress through the lesson, typing speed, and accuracy
  • Define and document lesson data format

Week 3

  • Lesson Developer: Create window with a space to enter text and save text to a file
  • Lesson Developer: Add functionality to guide the user through setting up lessons focused on different groups of keys and different types of lessons
  • Lesson Developer: Add functionality to allow user to define the lessons available at each level and the number of levels

Week 4

  • Create a program start screen that allows users to choose the lesson they will work on next or to view their progress through the lesson sequence

Week 5

  • Lesson Screen tools: Develop a set of lesson screen tools that can be added to the basic lesson screen to increase variety. These tools could include a metronome to help students develop good typing tempo, a variety of settings so that errors are allowed (the student continues moving through the lesson even if the wrong key is pressed) or not allowed (the student must press the right key in order to proceed), and keyboard display settings to turn this display on or off, or showing it only once the student shows signs of difficulty.

Week 6

  • Lesson Developer Extension: Add functionality to the lesson developer tool so that the tools available in the lesson screen can be set by the user who develops the lesson.

Week 7

  • Lesson Developer Extension: Modify the lesson text file builder and lesson text file reader to accept and apply data to set the lesson screen tools.

Week 8

  • Lesson Development: Add functionality to let the lesson developer define the settings and text of the typing game. The game will have a default setting of lesson text to draw from (either the most recently completed lesson or the first lesson in the set) so that if the lesson developer does not provide settings, the student can still play the game.

Week 9

  • Package the program for easy install on OLPC laptops.
  • Document the project for users and programmers