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General case

The release notes for recent OLPC OS releases include appropriate upgrading instructions. Choose the release you want to upgrade to from the Releases page and view its release notes, or follow the links in the Software box on the right to the latest XO version, and follow the instructions.

Overview of upgrading options

A more general overview of the upgrading options is presented below.


The XO can be updated with an active internet connection using the olpc-update command. This does not wipe everything from the XO.


The XO can be updated by installing a fresh release from SD card, or USB drive. This wipes everything from the XO.

See the Releases page, choose a release to install, then read the Installation section of the release notes.

Wireless Broadcast

For bulk updates or cloning, XOs may use a wireless broadcast, see Nandblaster.

School server

In school situations, the teacher or administrator would be able to control the update process, perhaps so that updates don't happen until the end of a semester (This functionality is implemented, but the school server tools to actually administer groups of laptops aren't yet ready in early 2008, check School server for more).


The OS images include current firmware, so if you upgrade your XO it will also update its firmware if necessary. If you'd like to upgrade the firmware separately, see Upgrading firmware.

Opting out of automatic upgrades

For instructions on opting out of the automatic upgrades to your XO's build/firmware, please see the Update streams page.