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Hi, I just got my XO pc on Friday December 21st. I tend to try to list things that can be fixed. I am very critical, however criticism is a way to share my love-- analysis of good and bad things can help us figure out what our focus needs to be, and I care very much for this project.

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my xos

Linux Fest Northwest was very cool. I only went to one OLPC seminar, (language ones are a bit harder for me to come by) but I noticed a lot of people with XO's. This month's SeaXO meeting was skipped because of health jam and the LFNW. I noticed an even newer build than what I am running (707) and I like that black border with icons wan't needed

--- as of sunday march 29th I still have't recieved my second one. about a month ago I was told that my $400 was accepted as a donation instead of a G1G1. I responded that I needed my money back or my XO I mean, I understand that it\s non profit, Im willing to repair my own XO1 that I have now... It apperantly is a well known issue.

I plan to go to the belingham WA linux fest Northwest and I'll try to repair mine there. and I really hope somebody can get me another one so I can do some laptop to laptop stuff...

I have installed 656 then 691 and now today, I have 703 installed. 703 did not come wih activitise but someone from seaxo was able to help me run an update activities script and everything is much much better than 656. suspend seems to be working and wpa works i'd still call it alpha software instaed of a release candidate... note Iknow thatim mispelling but writing on this keyboard hurts. ---

As of Sunday January 12th (and 2/29/08) I haven't received my second one, and the first one is eligible for an RMA because it's sd card slot didn't work, and a few other little things. They asked me to ship it to them with the box and all materials before they ship the replacement to me, I'm waiting for my second one to arrive before shipping my first one it back. (I did two G1G1's, so I bought a total of 4.. just clarifying to avoid ambiguity)

What I've done with it

Build 656 is essential (release 2) release 2 is much faster and tamjam works a bit better, and the firmware upgrade process was pretty cool, it asked for expernal power which was a nice touch.

I've asked for my developer key. 24 hours left.. 23.59 hours...

I installed Opera, but opera was wiped out by the upgrade.

I joined a chat with people at the SeaXO group...

That's about it! I've shown it off a few places, but had to excuse the software. --however the excuse is good, they got rid of the old and right now it's not right, but as a research project to further education I think it was probably the right thing to do... (shudder) -- the complexity of the system and the power of sharing activities ofsets some of the silliness.


I met with the seaxo group on Dec 30, They helped me install Opera and flash on my laptop. I plan to go to the next meeting on Jan 27th. The Saturday house idea is pretty cool.

Cool Tricks

When in ebook form factor, there is a way to get analog control for games and other devices using the track pad. One will have to hold the XO with the case slightly cracked.


What I see from my initial first few hours with the XO..


Why try to target children? -- I imagine that this is more marketable. Children in third world countries should probably learn how to grow food before playing with laptops, but project could probably help them with that.

webcam? - feature checklist? -- This webcam does not appear useful for making training videos.

convertible form factor?-- ebook makes sence, but why not make detachable keyboard instead? just have a keyboard that clips on and acts as a screen cover..


loads really low wep internet doesn't work well, wpa will be supported later. It keeps trying to connect to mesh networks when there are none.


  • Why sugar? Why gtk? Why fedora? Scripted UI is cool. Funky circular interfaces doesn't make much sense to me.

  • wpa will be available later, I couldn't get wep to work either... the laptop kept trying to find an illusive mesh network. I did manage to connect it to an unsecured connection twice before it kept looking for mesh networks, then I couldn't even connect to unsecured access points.
  • the cursor motion didn't change with the orientation of the screen when rotate button was pushed.
  • the screen backlight doesn't turn off when the screen is closed.

  • The wireless networking interface is cluttered and the locations don't seem to correlate with anything. a list would be much easier and make more sense. One has to sort to find a computer to join with. I did a bit of war driving and the whole screen was a solid mass of dots. -- useless!
  • need a control panel or something


  • https doesn't work yet
  • authenticated browsing doesn't work (doesn't request username and password)
  • basic concept of activities is very interesting -- probably another reason to get this system
  • some seem silly to be included.
  • it looks like etoys is a hyper studio equivalent, and may be a killer app! we just need to port it to regular UI


  • wireless range - I saw more access points than I have ever seen before.. this is probably good!
  • power adapter - this is one of those wall warts that takes only one plug. 12volt. looks like a nice standard plug too.
  • why webcam? - I can't imagine this being a core requirement, it's stuck facing the user so we can't produce instructional films or demonstrations easily.
  • the screen is pretty darn cool. it works with just a bit of reflected light, and it works in the sunlight. -- here is the reason to buy this laptop.
  • sd slot is super awkward to access, and I can imagine lots of damaged touch pads while changing the card.
  • membrane keyboard - I can almost guarantee that this is less durable than a regular keyboard -- finger nails and figiting will eventually cut into it! However it will keep dust out for a good time.
  • merging of resistive and capacitive trackpad -- this took guts to make. unfortunately it will require an adapter to make the edge of the capacitive portion have an edge, because it just don't work to have one's finger move off the screen. Touchscreens are more expensive and lower readability a bit, I know, but loose the web cam and the convertible nature and that should about cover it. (go ahead and keep the membrane keyboard and the capacitive pad) -- Granted this is for kids so it might be cheaper to have the users break the pointing device rather than the screen...
  • The bottom panel where the keyboard meets the battery compartment will fail in fatigue from normal use. From an initial inspection of the laptop, I believe that the bottom section will break when the unit is repeatedly loaded and unloaded just by holding it by the keyboard. The stress concentration point from the screen base switching to narrow keyboard, and the battery compartment being on the same plane is ridiculous. I feel the laptop's plastic creak when I'm just holding the laptop. I suggest doing a flex test on that portion. Note, it is reasonable to assume there is some acceleration not just loading and unloading.

Hold it here
and it will break here


please note that these are minor and the laptop works pretty much as expected and I think it's a good value even with these defects: My XO arrived with two physical defects:

  1. a warped bottom panel, I believe that the bottom panel will be repairable, it makes the battery not plug in well -- so I am going to ask for a replacement panel if I can't fix it myself. I really don't want to mess with olpc on frivilous damages.
  2. and a Stuck on Pixel in the lower right hand corner. not a big deal--

They gracefully gave me an RMA for this laptop, however I still haven't received my other one. (I did G1G1 twice), and I'm not letting this one out of my hands till I get the other one I bought. as of 2/29/08 .. I ordered it the first day of availability! this is ridiculous!

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