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XO-1 G1G1 First Day Donor
@ adric
IRC Nick: adricnet
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Volunteers in
help@ This user volunteers in OLPC Support.

Do keep this in mind:

QIch lo'laltbebej! ほんとは、そですね。 Wirklich. Es siempre verdad.

Helps with


  • working help@ tickets
  • irc support
  • help@ queue maintenance


  • Volunteer RT Admin


  • a few Spanish and German strings in Pootle

Weekly zine

  • two columns in the 0th issue
  • two more on the zine blog



Adric Net is a technologist and researcher in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area. In high school, he competed at the national level in Constitutional Law. He is a professional computer security consultant, a certified Linux administrator, and has lectured lower division Mass Communications, Political Science, and Computer Technology classes on Digital Media and Intellectual Property Law. Currently he is a system administrator and shift lead at a large web hosting firm in downtown Atlanta.

or maybe the LiveJournal blurb:

Adric Net spends a great deal of time shoving interesting looking things into his neural net to see what insights the resulting overloads might bring. That and sleeping take up more time than he has available. He is the exception which proves the rule that all geeks who know anything about computers have been made wealthy by recent events, as nearly flat broke. He determinedly geeks about things other than computers, including ethics, religions, cosmology, eschatology, science fiction, and is registered as a disgruntled former comic book collector. If he studies hard and doesn't give up, he may grow up to be vidicon in ten years or so.

or perhaps just:

Can't be idle, don't want to be bored.

There's more about me at