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the Zone Plate Boys image

how to flash an update

According to Jim Gettys, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Put the Olpc-Q2B76.rom image on a USB device as Q2B76.rom
  2. Put the jffs2 devel "build 299" OS image on a USB device as Build299.img (see tinderbox report)
  3. Boot, stopping at the OpenFirmware ok prompt by hitting the spacebar
  4. Run copy-nand disk:\Build299.img
  5. Run flash disk:\Q2B76.rom

example app

The Hello-1.0.0.tar.gz file contains a somewhat normal "Hello, world!" app for Sugar. (normal: Makefile and *.c files without exotic non-standard libraries)

Hopefully I can get some help turning this into a demo of the Sugar API stuff, two different ways:

  1. the minimum (which should be nothing)
  2. everything (sharing over the mesh, etc.)