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Summary of me

  • Helping coordinate content pertaining to health
    • safe drinking water
    • sanitation & hygiene
    • nutrition
    • HIV/AIDS
    • other infectious diseases
    • childbirth
    • women's health
  • Languages
    • Spanish (fluent)
    • Russian (native speaker)

I wish I knew you

12/19 picking Sj's brain: Where we are in terms of getting together awesome health materials

As of 19:18, 19 December 2007 (EST) based on milking Sj's brain

  • We want materials for kids to teach them about health, their bodies, what it means to get sick
  • Material that parents can get through their kids when kids take them home. If they kids can learn it, they can teach their families
  • Groups participating as of a year ago
    • UNICEF
      • Materials for kids, like pictures
      • Chris Fabian & Erica Kochi
      • super helpful
      • doing the Uniwiki project aka MepeMepe where anyone can start any project for kids
      • got distracted from making health bundles for OLPC
      • Sj will bother them about that
        • HIV/AIDS
        • Water/sanitation/environment
        • Water testing
        • Kid-appropriate stuff
    • WHO
      • Sj has no contacts there now
      • Not much stuff for kids ready to go
      • They have materials but need to clear rights with the UN Printing Office
      • Prevention kits for epidemics (e.g. cholera)
      • OLPC has friends there who could look through their materials but their peeps don't have education of kids as a priority as far as Sj has found
    • World Food Programme
      • OLPC has friends & contacts & Matt but has not gotten any materials from them yet
      • Agriculture
      • Water testing manuals -- made for field workers but simple enough for amateurs
    • PIH
      • Jill Hackett works out of the Boston office
      • Sj wanted her to do for health what EO Wilson Foundation did for biology
      • She said they mainly had funds for AIDS but not other health stuff and ended up not finding the man-hours to do it
      • Kits for health workers
  • Supportive peeps
    • KSG
      • Prof. Calestous Juma - health and sustainable agriculture, OLPC foundation board, helps pitch to international organizations
    • Erica Frank at University of British Colombia
      • Sent us a list of links to HIV/AIDS info and categorized which is appropriate for kids
      • Sj has this spreadsheet
      • Wants OLPC to send XOs to clinics for doctors to use (not currently an OLPC project)
      • This would be more feasible if it were collaborative with other projects (PIH?) that have contact with more health clinics -- otherwise her project is not big enough & not collaborative enough to be a specific project of OLPC at this stage
    • Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
      • "We have lots of material" and high-level administrators there are interested in providing it to us. Similar interest from the Faculty of Dentistry (2007-05-16).
      • Contact Mike Fletcher ( for contact details.
      • I have no idea what's going on with this partner right now. Mike?
  • Ways they help
    • Free rights to books when possible
      • Many organizations have materials for health workers but not for kids
      • Have to overcome the legal barriers
        • UNICEF has been extra awesome at getting over these
        • Explain OLPC's mission
        • No special licenses
        • No copyrights
        • Each country can decide for themselves how to make a handbook from the pool of materials appropriate for that country's needs
    • Avdocacy & outreach
    • Encouraging others to get laptops

12/20/07 Skype with Van Ajemian, J.D., in LA + Eva & Spencer (Beehive School USA support)

Using laptops to disseminate flyers from WHO, WFP, etc.

Van on commercializing Our Stories: would consumers pay for something like a virtual safari tour? A micro-franchise idea

To do

Get Hesparian books onto crank as soon as I can get access. I don't have access yet so I temporarily posted a zipfile here 16:56, 21 December 2007 (EST) I took down the zipfile, but PDFs are available on the Hesperian website. Sj has the CDs of the InDesign files. 14:47, 25 December 2007 (EST)

We health folks should make a project page describing the active projects so potential collaborators can see what we're up to.

Made text for a future email message or flyer to ask for contributions of appropriate health content. This is, in a way, an iteration on request for content -- I don't feel a web form is the way to go.

Contact the people I wish I knew

Then contact PIH

Contact UNICEF peeps last