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This software stack is based on This Beta Server hardware built for the Educational_Blogger_Project .

The following topics are covered

  • Device layout
  • RAID and Logical Volume Mirror
  • Operating System considerations
  • Middleware (web server, database, etc.)
  • Additional Utilities

Device Layout

Based on the hardware, the following devices are available:

CD/DVD Burner 

/dev/hda (it is in the Primary/Master position on the first EIDE cable)

/dev/cdrom (many operating systems use this)

/dev/dvd (and this)

/dev/dvdrw (and this)

SATA disks 

/dev/sda (this is drive 1)

/dev/sdb (this is drive 2)

USB keys or external drives 

/dev/sdf for the drive itself

/dev/sdf1 (for the VFAT file system usually on it)

Ethernet Network Interface cards 

eth0, eth1 and eth2 seemed to be assigned to the one motherboard connector and two PCI cards differently between operating systems. I will need to track down the MAC addresses to keep them straight.

RAID and Logical Volume Mirror

Operating System


Additional Utilities