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A Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer living on an island in the western Pacific Ocean.
11°42’00”N 122°22’00”E. Kalibo, Aklan PH


Real Name
Mike Kouklis
Native of
Sacramento, California, USA
Phone Number
Postal Address
(Includes USPS Zip/Country Code 00191/0000)
              Mike A. Kouklis 
              BRGY. Mobo 
              5600 Aklan, Philippines 
              PH 00191/0000 


Drawing75c1.jpg Green-and-white-e-book.jpg My Pre-pre-alpha XO-1 :) It's still working after 20 plus years of ownership

I would nominate this school for the OLPC Philippines pilot school but for a potential conflict of interest (my daughter is in 4th grade there), I feel a school in the province of Aklan, Philippines would make a good site due to the following:

  • The province is mostly rural area.
    • Low crime compared to city areas.
  • Close to an International Airport (currently only to Korea, soon to Japan & Australia?).
  • Local Fed-Ex, other.
  • Boracay Island!
    • Major International tourist site in Philippines.
    • Media can Showcase a school nearby.
  • Kalibo, Aklan has many higher educational facilities.

This is my IP-address in Kalibo, Aklan-- 07:20, 27 February 2007 (EST)

MY-Subpages & some of my watched pages

My recruits and photo-gallery

Brgy. Mobo Elementary School Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

Kalibo II / Aklan Special Education Center @ Barangay Pob. Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

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