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This is my User Page and as with most things is a work in progress, enjoy! Moments ago it was 2022/08/18 22:33UTC, which at the time was the present. You can find me here if you try Wikipedia:User:D0li0.

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Reset nickname and preferences?

Is it possible to simple reset the preferred user name, so you can play around before giving yours laptop away to someone else? Sugar Control Panel !!

  1. I tried changing the nickname from aaron to aaron-test-nick and the OLPC freaked out on X-restart/reboot, never made it back to the GUI. I had to manually edit the /home/olpc//.sugar/default/config file, changing it back to nickname = aaron. I used <ctrl>+<alt>+<fn>+1 to get to a console, logged in as root, found the file above and edited it with vi. Perhaps the new name was simply too long or contained invalid characters, but the [olpc@xo-00-00-00 ~]$ sugar-control-panel -s nick aaron-test-nick command should have warned about that if that's the case. [olpc@xo-00-00-00 ~]$ sugar-control-panel -g nick should return the current nickname, but not via a su'ed shell.

Reloading and updating

  • Autoreinstallation image is only for those with Activation and Developer Keys.
    • Olpc-update use to do an update if you have a network connection on the OLPC.
      • Time an up/down-grade with -bash-3.2# d1=`date` ; olpc-update 653 ; d2=`date` ; echo $d1 -- $d2
    • Activated Upgrade will reload the whole OS back to a default state, only needs a thumb drive.
      • Original /etc/issue was OLPC build 650 (stream ship.2; variant devel_jffs2) & Kernel \r on an \m
        prompt was [olpc@xo-0D-60-80 ~]$
        firmware number in /ofw/ec-name was PQ2D05
        firmware number per olpc-bios-sig command was CL1 Q2D06 Q2D (reported during olpc-update, probably still valid)

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