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Plans to 11.3.0 cycle


  • [DONE] Rebuild/fix activities with binaries to work in ARM (Paint, Wikipedia, TamTam*, Browse (mozplugger?), Pippy (box2d?))
  • Finish pending activities without new toolbar. [1]
  • Books:
    • [DONE] Finish Catalogs support in GetBooks (working with Daniel Castelo)
    • Finish basic functionality in Pathagar server (Manuel) and create a instance.
    • Content bundles management in GetBooks.
  • Robots libraries integration.
  • Ideas to explore:
    • PDF pluggin in browse without using mozplugger?
    • [DONE] Enable Tab support in Browse?
  • Little tasks
    • Add a toogle button to Write to set caps locks, requested by teachers
    • Do a blacklist or better selection of fonts for the combo in Write, Paint & Fototoon
    • In Jukebox, show a nice error if the file can't be opened/decoded
  • Analyze
    • To replace the pluggin used to read PDF files in Browse, i am thinking in doing the job in another way, may be opening the pdf viewer in another tab when the requested url is a fille:/// and is a pdf file


  • [DONE] Finish startup animation improvement.
  • Integrate robots support.


  • Check the content included in our image, update or improve if possible.
  • Check included fonts in our image. Useful links:[2]