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Just a heads up- please read this- this is sort of an apology and of what you did. Excuse me sorry to complain, but may I ask why I can't even log-in anymore? I can't even edit anything, even using a different IP. Could you please either ask Gwen Gale why she blocked me? And I mean before my puppets. Because that's all they ever tell that's what I did to deserve being blocked in the first place. This is unfair I was blocked for no reason what so ever, all I did was innocently edit the Cincy Zoo page, and made it look perfect, but they took it away from me. I almost killed myself because of it. Could you just please ask her and DonLammers what I have to do to get unblocked. Also every time I try to talk to her she ignores me a blocks me again on other wiki pages.

P.S. I'm sorry for my rudeness, what do I have to do to get unblocked. I created another sockpuppet on Wikipedia just to talk to you, please don't block me for a year, I just wanted to apologize to you.